Social Distancing not barrier to Protection from Domestic Abuse


The world is currently bowing under the pressure of a virus the like of which has never been seen in any of our lifetime – businesses are locking their doors, the elderly and vulnerable are hiding themselves away and it might feel like the whole world is going into lockdown, with help out of reach for many.

Amidst this, people suffering from domestic abuse might feel like they are more trapped than ever. We are all being asked to maintain social distance and self-isolate, but  for a victim of domestic abuse this can lead them to feel even more vulnerable and alone and the need to escape from a partner or loved one might come to a peak.

Domestic abuse is not limited to physical harm – it can cover a whole range of controlling or coercive behaviours, from financial control to emotional abuse.  Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse, regardless of their relationship to the perpetrator, their gender, age, race or sexual orientation. The elderly might feel particularly vulnerable to controlling behaviours due to the current lockdown, however women, men and children who are self-isolating with family or partners may also be at risk.

If someone is behaving abusively towards you but you are afraid that the current lockdown means you cannot seek help and support, please be assured that the Courts are still hearing emergency applications for Non Molestation Orders if there has been an incident of abusive behaviour within the 7 days prior to an application being made.  These Orders can be granted by the Court without your partner/family member being notified if you are at imminent risk of harm.

A Non-Molestation Order if granted would prohibit your partner/family member from harassing, intimidating or pestering you or threatening you in any way. It is a criminal offence to breach a Non-Molestation Order and the police take breaches very seriously and have dedicated Domestic Abuse Teams to deal with these matters.

A specialist solicitor can provide you with the assistance you need to protect yourself.  Legal Aid is available to anyone seeking a Non-Molestation Order and can be applied for quickly.

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