Future Planning

Welcome to our section on Future Planning


Whilst the prospect of living longer should be good news, it can inevitably give rise to a number of concerns:-
  • Will I have enough money to cover my needs during my retirement?
  • Will my mind remain alert, or may someone have to manage my affairs for me?
  • Who will that be?
  • What will happen if I become physically and mentally ill and I need long-term residential or nursing care?
  • How can I ensure I pass my wealth to the next generation, if I wish to, and yet minimise tax liabilities?
  • If I become ill can I decide if I wish to be treated or not?

Advance planning in legal, financial, personal and medical matters, will help protect your assets and your independence.  Ensuring your affairs are in good order will give you peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that you have taken positive action to best protect your interests and that of your family.

We aim to provide you with legal information to  guide you through issues you may find daunting, including –

If there are any Future Planning issues that you would like more information on, please feel free to contact us below or on kconnolly@fhanna.co.uk