LIFE BITE: Is Marriage Getting Easier to Get Out Of?

apple-150579_1280This week,  MPs in the House of Commons have been debating on whether couples should be able to apply for an amicable ‘no fault’ divorce.

Under current law, couples who want to divorce have to rely on a fault-based ground of adultery or unreasonable behaviour unless they are prepared to wait two years for a no fault divorce.   On this newly proposed  ground, both parties would sign a declaration stating that the marriage had broken down irretrievably.

It is proposed that this new ground for divorce would reduce the level of animosity following the breakdown of a marriage.   There was opposition to the proposal based on the argument that changing the law would make divorce “easier” and increase the number of divorces. In spite of the opposition,  MPs have passed the first reading of this Bill.

What do you think?  Is divorce getting too easy?
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