Action for Brain Injury Week 2021

Action for Brain Injury Week 2021 runs in the UK from 17th – 23rd May 2021. This is a week where focus is given to raising awareness of the devastating effects of brain injury.

From a legal perspective, catastrophic brain injuries can arise out of all types of accidents on the road, at work or as a result of medical negligence.  Cases of this nature can be extremely complex – often, victims of a traumatic brain injury are left with a wide range of medical problems which will require intensive and lengthy rehabilitation for many years. Some may also be dependent for the rest of their lives. If the victim was an innocent party to the accident, then they will likely be entitled to substantial financial compensation for their injuries and any financial loss they suffer as a result of their injury.

It is normally necessary to engage a team of experts in such cases to calculate the full scope of any financial claim that may be due to the injured party.   This can include experts in the following areas :-

  • Medical/nursing/care/architectural/occupational therapy Many specialist experts will have to be instructed over and beyond those consultants actually treating the victim for his/her injuries. For example, the victim may require independent care for the rest of their life. In these circumstances, a nursing care regime may need to be put in place as quickly as possible and nursing experts and disability specialists may need to be engaged to assess properly the cost of providing for care needs. Often the family home of the victim will need to be substantially adapted to enable the victim to live as independently as possible. In these cases, expert architects and occupational therapists will often become involved.
  • Assistive Technology – As with virtually every aspect of life nowadays, technology plays a major role in helping victims of serious brain injury. Assistive Technology experts can identify what technological products/services can help maintain or improve the ability of an injured party with disabilities or impairments to communicate and learn and live an independent, fulfilling and productive life.
  • Employment/Forensic Accountancy – The victim’s employment is crucial when properly considering these difficult cases. Often victims of accidents can no longer return to work. They may have been qualified or trained in a particular field of employment. A team of specialist forensic accountants and employability consultants will therefore need to be instructed to calculate as precisely as possible the potential future financial loss.

Victims of catastrophic brain injury need a specialist and experienced team of lawyers to assist in recovering the appropriate level of compensation as this area of law is extremely complex.

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The Child Brain Injury Trust


Every 30 minutes, a child or young person will acquire a brain injury. 

This could be the result of an accident, an illness such as meningitis or encephalitis, a poisoning, a stroke or a brain tumour.
The Child Brain Injury Trust is the leading voluntary sector organisation providing non-medical services to families affected by childhood acquired brain injury across the UK.
In their guest blog for Life Law NI, Gayle Baird, Stakeholder Communications Coordinator for the organisation, gives us some information on the services the Child Brain Injury Trust can provide.


Undoubtedly, when a child suffers a brain injury, it will have a devastating and life-long impact on them and their whole family.  Bones can mend and scars can heal but a brain injury stays with you for life and impacts on everything you think, feel and do.

At the Child Brain Injury Trust, we offer support to children, young people, their families and professionals and help them come to terms with what has happened and how to deal with the uncertainty that the future may hold for them.

The charity was set up by a group of health professionals in 1991 and we currently have 3 offices across the UK.  Our registered office is located in Oxfordshire with regional offices in Belfast and Edinburgh.

At the Child Brain Injury Trust, we offer a number of services:

We provide Child and Family Support

Our Regional Child and Family Support Co-ordinators provide children, young people and families with the support that they need in order to live their lives to the full, within their local community.

The sort of support that families can expect includes:

  • Practical and emotional support for children, young people and families in hospital and at home
  • A national helpline offering support to children, young people and families across the UK
  • Support for children and young people in education
  • Social opportunities for children, young people and families
  • Training and information for parents and carers
  • Useful leaflets, booklets and other resources
  • Informative website and Facebook page
  • Small grants programme

For further information, or to make a referral, contact the Child Brain Injury Trust Helpline on 0303 303 2248

We have a dedicated National Helpline

There are times when you just need someone to help lighten the load.    Our Child Brain Injury Trust National Helpline Information Project (HIP) provides support for children and young people affected by childhood acquired brain injury as well as their families and any professionals working with these families.

Our helpline can be contacted via telephone on: 0303 303 2248Alternatively, you can email us at

Our Youth Zone

Acquiring a brain injury can be a scary and difficult time, particularly for teenagers. Our Youth Zone offers advice and support for teenagers to help them find answers to their questions as well as providing lots of helpful contacts, facts about the brain, fun games and quizzes.

Our Learning Events and Online Catalogue

We offer a range of opportunities to learn and understand more about childhood acquired brain injury. Many of our learning opportunities are free of charge to parents and education professionals working in the public sector.

Please click on for more information and to see our new learning catalogue.

We place children, young people and families at the heart of our work.  Our priority is getting the right support to children and young people and families at the right time for them.   We work closely with statutory and non-statutory services, and receive a lot of self-referrals from parents and young people who are affected by childhood acquired brain injury.

If you would like some further information on our service, please visit our website HTTP://CHILDBRAININJURYTRUST.ORG.UK/