LIFE BITE: Men’s Advisory Project calls for more help for male domestic abuse victims

apple-150579_1280The Men’s Advisory Project have called for more help to be made available to male victims of domestic abuse in Northern Ireland. 

The organisation has said that they have seen a notable increase in people coming to them for help – they supported 536 clients in 2015 compared to 294 in 2013. 
The most recent figures from the Police Service of Northern Ireland show that 3,104 men were victims of domestic violence between August 2014 and 2015.

James Knox, the project manager at the Men’s Advisory Project, has highlighted that the support services available for male domestic abuse victims in Northern Ireland are less extensive than for women.

James said: “While the PSNI’s gender-neutral poster campaign is a step in the right direction, there is more that could be done.  If there was more help available for male victims of domestic abuse it would save lives.”

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The Men’s Advisory Project (MAP)


There is a growing awareness that it is not just women who can be victims of domestic abuse and partner violence.

PSNI statistics for the year 2014-2015 show that there were 3,107 male victims of a domestic abuse crime in Northern Ireland.  There were 67 domestic homicides recorded by the PSNI between 2005/06 and 2014/15 – 36 women and 31 men lost their lives to current or former partners or family members during this period.

Many men who are the victims of domestic abuse can find it difficult to get support.  It can also be hard for men to acknowledge the abuse and talk about their experiences.  This silence could be due to a number of reasons, including love for a partner, embarrassment or shame, concern for their children and fear of not being taken seriously or perhaps being blamed.

The Men’s Advisory Project provide a confidential counselling, information and referral service for men experiencing domestic abuse or the pressures of a breakdown in a relationship.

Our Services

Confidential Counselling

MAP provide counselling services for all men experiencing domestic abuse. MAP can provide support and help men understand their options and make their own choices and decisions.

MAP also offer support and counselling services to men who have previously left a violent or abusive relationship and who are still experiencing the effects.

Information & Referral

Whilst they do not provide advice, MAP can provide men with information and signpost them to other organisations that can help them; these include a number of voluntary, community and statutory bodies.

Anger Management Work

MAP also offer a range of services to both men and women who want assistance and support to deal with their anger. These services are available to those who wish to understand powerful emotions, cope better with stress in their lives and adopt more appropriate behaviours for healthy relationships.

Awareness Raising

MAP also provide awareness-raising sessions, such as speaking at conferences or stands at events on male victims of domestic abuse and the issues they face.

MAP offer services across Northern Ireland and work to help end domestic abuse.

For more information on the services offered and the support provided by the Men’s Advisory Project,  you can call them between 9am – 5pm to either their Belfast office (028 9024 1929) or Foyle office (028 7116 0001) or email the organisation at
Don’t suffer in silence. Get the help and support you need with MAP.

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