LIFE BITE: Lord Behaving Badly : Gross Misconduct in the Workplace?

apple-150579_1280This week, there has been public outrage at media revelations surrounding House of Lords peer Lord Sewel allegedly taking drugs with prostitutes.

Lord Sewel had been urged to resign from the House of Lords after video footage was published in The Sun newspaper of him snorting cocaine.

The  House of Lords (Suspension and Expulsion) Act 2015 allows peers to be barred from Parliament if they breach the code of conduct.  The code states that members must “always act on their personal honour”.

Most of us in our jobs will be required to adhere to an appropriate code of conduct which is set out by our employers. This code of conduct may apply to both our behaviour in and out of the workplace.

Whilst your employer must normally follow certain procedures in order to dismiss you from your job, if your behaviour in or outside of the workplace amounts to gross misconduct they may be able to automatically dismiss you without going through the normal disciplinary procedures.

For more information on this area, please read our blog on Unfair Dismissal or alternatively contact us directly.

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