LIFE BITE: Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal: Are VW ‘Braking’ the Law??

apple-150579_1280The car company Volkswagen has hit the news over the past number of days after admitting that 11 million of their diesel vehicles worldwide were fitted with defeat devices to cheat emissions tests and that all of these vehicles are likely to require a technical fix.


It has now been revealed by VW that almost 1.2 million  vehicles in the UK are involved in this scandal.

VW have indicated that the diesel vehicles affected include Volkswagen cars, Audis, Seats, Skodas and Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

Whilst VW have confirmed that they will be making contact with customers and have provided assurance that all vehicles are technically safe,  this latest revelation may cause concern and worry to many VW drivers in the UK.

Jennifer Young of Francis Hanna & Co says that the effect of the VW scandal could see a direct impact to Northern Irish drivers if the devices once removed from the affected vehicles result in these vehicles breaking emissions rules.

Ms Young has pointed out that if the vehicles once rectified produce higher emissions, this could result in drivers having to pay more road tax and other levies, which would result in a direct loss.

In addition, it remains to be seen whether the performance of the vehicles will be affected, not to mention a potential loss in resale value.

Ms Young states:-

 ‘We have had direct contact from one worried Volkswagon Golf owner who is charged for parking at work and is concerned that her parking charges, which are linked to her vehicle emissions, will rise if her car is affected. She said that this is an example of one of the many concerns that they have been asked about to date’.

In addition,  Ms Young says that anyone who specifically purchased their vehicle with low emissions in mind and who may have paid extra in the belief that this is what they were purchasing, have been the victims of a misrepresentation and would therefore be entitled to be compensated in this regard.

‘What is clear is that many Northern Irish drivers are likely to be affected by this scandal in a number of ways and they are keen to know more as soon as possible,’  says Ms Young.

If you need any information on this topic,  please feel free to contact us below, or alternatively email Jennifer Young  at Francis Hanna & Co on

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