LIFE BITE: BBC 2 ‘Mr V Mrs: Call The Mediator’ documentary shines a light on the world of Family Mediation

apple-150579_1280On 17th June 2016,  BBC2 aired the first part of its new documentary series ‘Mr V Mrs: Call The Mediator’, a show which promises its viewers access into the private world of family mediation, where separated couples make attempts to resolve financial and family disputes face to face in order to avoid the stress and expense of going to Court.  

Filmed over the course of a year, the series goes behind the closed doors of family mediation and allows the curious amongst us to see the procedure of mediation, how it works,  and whether couples using the service find it productive and useful in the long run.

Here at Life Law NI, we have been lucky enough to have a number of trained mediators provide us with guest blogs on the subject.  For those who would like to learn more about mediation, feel free to click on the links below to be directed to our blog articles:-

Mediation: A Practical GuideNigel Martin BL

Mediation & Relationship Breakdown:  Making Your Child’s Rights a Priority – Joan Davis, Director of Family Mediation NI

Life Supports:  Family Mediation NI

2 thoughts on “LIFE BITE: BBC 2 ‘Mr V Mrs: Call The Mediator’ documentary shines a light on the world of Family Mediation

  1. With regards to the BBC2’s poorly named Mr V Mrs: Call The Mediator, we are very disappointed with the content and this is not a good advertisement for mediation. I appreciate it is heavily edited for entertainment purposes. But feel the services included do not in anyway represent the work we at FMNI do to assist former couples to manage conflict, focus on the child’s needs, build a parenting plan and maintain a future focus through out the process to find their own fair agreement. This programme portrayed people sitting at desks as in a lawyers office, a no no in mediation ! I watched the second episode, the mediator was not managing the clients and sessions where heavily weighted towards the female, that only serves to perpetuate the notion that the female holds all the cards and uses the child as a bargaining tool. No real focus on the child’s needs, co-parenting, responsibility of both parents, importance of extended family or indeed fairness. I fear this will deter potential users of entering mediation. BBC2 missed a wonderful opportunity to really educate the public about options when parents separate. And note at least half of parents today are not married, so even the title is outdated!


    • Some very valid points about the show Joan! I’ve highlighted the FMNI service to our followers if they are seeking a true reflection of how mediation operates here in Northern Ireland.


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