LIFE BITE: Loss of airline to Isle of Man may leave TT fans out of pocket

apple-150579_1280The Real Road Racing season is almost upon us and which inevitably means the return of the popular Isle of Man TT races which take place every May/June on the island.

The TT is always a busy time for the Isle of Man as the sport brings and influx of bike racers and their families and friends to the island to enjoy the sport.

Unfortunately, there have been reports in the media that the provider of flights between Belfast and Douglas, Citywing, have gone into administration leaving travel plans in disarray and race fans out of pocket.

While another airline has stepped in and taken on this route, many travellers are still likely to have suffered financial loss in any forward booking they had made via Citywing.

While you scramble to make alternative travel arrangements, it may be worth knowing that under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 you may apply to your credit card provider for a refund of the costs of any flights you had purchased provided they cost over £100.00.

While bookings on debit cards do not have the same statutory protection, many of the larger debit card providers are part of a voluntary scheme called ‘Chargeback’ which may offer you similar protection.  The Chargeback scheme may also be used for credit card payments under £100.00.

Anyone affected by the administration of Citywing should contact their credit/debit card providers and notify them of your claim to get the process started.

Life Law NI would like to wish all attending the Isle of Man TT races this year a safe and enjoyable trip.

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